The Beautiful Sound SHREEM - Attracts Infinite Abundance And Wealth Into Your Life...

This empowering sound will banish poverty and bad luck forever.

Maha Lakshmi - Goddess of Abundance and Good Fortune

Goddess Maha Lakshmi represents total prosperity, wealth, generosity, purity and the embodiment of beauty, charm and divine grace. Shreem is her seed sound (bija mantra), which posess all her powers and miracles.

The blessings of Shreem are boundless, and has the nurturing power of the full moon. This will bring creative energy, good luck and prosperous flow into your life. The mantra Shreem is known to give more abundance, harmony and beauty than you ever thought was possible. Such is the divine grace of Goddess Lakshmi.

This Is The Meaning Of Shreem:

Shreem is the Mantra of Maha Lakshmi. Sha is Maha Lakshmi, Ra is wealth, Ee is satisfaction or contentment. Nada  (Mmm) is the manifested Brahman, and bindu is the giver of great bliss.


What's in this unlimited abundance MP3 audio of the mantra Shreem?

This Maha Lakhsmi mantra MP3 recording features:

  • A 30 minute brainwave mantra MP3 recording of Shreem to put you into automatic meditative states of high gamma, clear beta, high aplha, deep theta and infinite delta consciousness (bliss and clarity, deepened energy awareness, deep meditation and inner vision).
  • Recorded with Zenmind Sound Technology: Advanced Brainwave Entrainment with multi layered frequencies of binaural beats, isochronic tones, subliminals and infra sound.
  • I (Thomas Di Leva) have chanted Shreem 108 times, I have also chanted a subliminal chanted layer of 1008 rounds !! for quick results and "mantra siddhi".
  • It is mixed with the beautiful sound of a river stream, Tibetan Healing Bowls and relaxing cosmic soundscapes to balance and energize your spirit, physical well-being.
  • The Tone Frequencies are in the heart chakra and third eye chakra.
  • No extensive practice required - Immediate results guaranteed. Listen with or without headphones.

Let the irresistable Shreem vibration fill you with both material as well as spiritual wealth....

Imagine meditating in a relaxed state listening to this powerful Shreem audio MP3 with your headphones. This beautiful and auspicious meditation audio will manifest and attract wealth, luxury, beauty, power, generosity and harmony into your life. Let the compassion and miracles of Maha Lakshmi shower you with all her grace and bestow you with heavenly as well as earthly abundance.

Shri Yantra for Laxmi meditation

The Shreem Mantra is a highly popular divine shakti energy sound which purifies, empowers and uplifts the meditator. It can be used both for simple meditations as well as for advanced tantric meditation practices.

What's the most important benefits of this Shreem Mantra Audio MP3?

This Shreem Mantra Brainwave MP3 has infinite blessing power. It's an amazing law of attraction method containing both the irresistable "kundalini power" of the Maha Lakshmi Mantra and the innovative new Brainwave Technology System for experiencing automatic deep meditative states. Here are some of the benefits...

  • This mantra will powerfully attract abundance, wealth and prosperity.
  • Shreem will bring peace, dharma and beauty into your life.
  • Shreem will give the blessing of success in business or profession.
  • This mantra will give elimination of ailments and worries and protection.
  • Shreem will attract a happy married life and all round success.

100satisfaction 100% No Questions Asked 30 Days Guarantee


Yes! I Want This Shreem Brainwave MP3 to shower me with the blessings of abundance, wealth, success, beauty and grace.

Money Attracting Mantra MP3 (With  Brainwave Entrainment)

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