The Universal GAYATRI Mantra Awakens Your Higher Intelligence...

It has healing power and potency of a million suns & illuminates the highest vision of yourself

Sarasvati Gayatri Devi

The Gayatri Mantra is the Universal Prayer. One of the greatest spiritual treasures of the Vedas, the most ancient Divine Wisdom of mankind.

It is said that this omnipotent mantra spirals through the entire cosmic manifestation from the heart of the meditator, channeling peace and divine wisdom for all.

One of many translations of Gayatri is: "Infinite Divine Light of the Supreme Being illuminate our intellect and heart, and connect us all to the path of cosmic dharma and heavenly totality".

The Gayatri Mantra is as follows:

Om Bhur Bhuva Swaha Tat Savitur Varenyam Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi Dhiyo yonah Prachodayat

What's in this specific recording of the Gayatri Mantra?

This gayatri mantra MP3 recording features:

  • A 30 minute brainwave mantra MP3 Audio for automatic immersion into aplha, theta and delta consciousness (balance, deepened awareness, heightened intuition and insight).
  • Created with Zenmind Sound Tecnology: Advanced Brainwave Entrainment Technology in unique frequency layers of binaural beats, isochronic tones and infra sound.
  • The mantra is chanted by me (Thomas Di Leva) 54 times, with a subliminal layer of 108 chanted rounds of Gayatri in a deep meditative state. It is mixed with Beautiful Nature Sounds, Tibetan Bells and cosmic sounds to balance your spiritual well-being
  • The Tone Frequencies covers both the heart chakra and third eye chakra
  • No extensive practice required - Immediate results guaranteed. Listen with or without headphones.

The sound of Gayatri opens up your heart...

Imagine sitting down with closed eyes in your meditation spot listening to this powerful gayatri recording with headphones. This unique guided meditation will safely guide you on the path of self enlightenment and lead you to the highest vision of yourself each and every day.

The Gayatri Mantra is wonderful for the beginner and wonderful for advanced traditional meditators and longtime yogic practitioners

What is the benefits of this Gayatri Mantra Audio MP3?

This Gayatri Mantra Audio MP3 has infinite potentiality. It's a vibrant formula containing both the infinite power of the mantra and the groundbreaking new Brainwave Technology Meditation System for deep automatic immersion in meditative states. Here are some of the benefits...

  • Awakens the vital energies and gives liberation and deliverance from ignorance.
  • Promotes balanced concentration, Awareness & Clarity, Deep relaxation, Deep meditation, Flow, Blissful states of consciousness, Intuition & Creativity.
  • Fills you and illuminates you with the spiritual energy of the Sun (Surya). Gayatri removes all karma and is the bestower of all desired things.
  • Sharpens and strengthens your Intellect and awakens all your powers and talents.
  • Has a positive and healing effect on your life force energy (Prana).

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Yes! I want to awaken my higher intelligence to a divine totality, and manifest the highest vision of myself with this completely unique meditative experience.

Gayatri Mantra MP3 (With Brainwave Entrainment)

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