Lord Ganesha's Power Mantra OM GUM GANAPATAYE NAMAHA - Removes Every Obstacle On Your Way To Success...

This powerful meditation removes all evil and obstacles that prevent you from reaching your goals.

Lord Ganesha - Remover Of Obstacles For Success

Ganesha is the Forever Blissful, elephant-headed Deva (god) who is lovingly meditated upon and revered by millions of people worldwide. Ganesha, is the Deity of Good Luck and Auspiciousness and is the remover of obstacles and problems. He also represents wisdom, wealth, health, fertility and happiness.

The blessings of Lord Ganesha are limitless, According to Rig Veda, no work begins without the blessing of Ganesha. His most benevolent divine frequency vibration is always ready to help those who seek his blessings earnestly.

This Is The Meaning Of Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha:

This is the mula ("root") mantra of Lord Ganesh. It has a combination of his seed sound, "Gum," added with the phrase, - Praise and salutations to Ganapati "Lord of the worlds". Therefore it will merge you with His supreme knowledge and peace. It's beneficial to use it before beginning a journey, new career or job, or before entering into any new contract or business so that any difficulties and obstacles are removed and your endeavor may be crowned with fulfillment and success.

Om Gum Ganapataye Namah - Sanskrit

What is in this Lord Ganesha Mantra MP3 audio?

This "Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha" MP3 recording features:

  • A 30 minute "Brainwave Mantra MP3" recording of Lord Ganesha's Siddhi mantra which put you into automatic meditative states of high gamma, clear beta, high alpha, deep theta and the healing delta consciousness (bliss and clarity, deepened energy awareness, deep meditation and inner vision).
  • Recorded with Zenmind Sound Technology: Advanced Brainwave Entrainment with many layers of frequencies with binaural beats, isochronic tones, subliminals and infra sound.
  • I (Thomas Di Leva) have chanted Om Gum Ganapataye 108 times, I have also chanted a subliminal chanted layer of 1008 rounds !! for quick results and "mantra siddhi".
  • It is mixed with the relaxing sound of Ocean Waves, Tibetan Healing Bowls and relaxing cosmic soundscapes to balance and energize your spirit, chakras and physical well-being.
  • The Tone Frequencies are in Schumann Resonance (Earth's Vibration) and Third Eye Chakra.
  • No extensive practice required - Immediate results guaranteed. Listen with or without headphones.

Let the power vibration "Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha" remove obstacles in life and bring the consciousness of success in your endeavors....

Imagine yourself in headphones meditating with this powerful Ganesha Brainwave mantra MP3. This empowering and auspicious meditation audio will manifest and attract the power of knowledge, success, fulfillment and harmony into your life. Let the divine miracles of Lord Ganesha shower you with grace and bestow you with unstoppable movement.

Lord Ganesha Ganapati - OM GUM SHANTI

This Mantra is considered most auspicious, most powerful and most significant. Every person should recite this Mantra at least 108 times every day.

What's the most important benefits of this Ganesha Mantra Audio MP3?

This "Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha" Brainwave MP3 has infinite power of blessings. It's known as a Siddhi Mantra (the one with perfection) and is the full energy and power of Lord Ganesha. It's containing both the irresistable "kundalini power" of the Mantra and the cutting edge Brainwave Technology System for experiencing automatic deep meditative states. Here are some of the benefits...

  • This mantra will remove obstacles and troubles in life.
  • Can be used in meditation to attain success, prosperity, knowledge and fulfillment of wishes.
  • Can be used for the positive starting of a project, work or simply to offer him the praise.
  • This mantra will help opening up new opportunities and move you forward in life.
  • This mantra will help you to foresee hidden blocks and dangers even before they arise.

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Yes! I Want This Lord Ganesha Brainwave MP3 shower me with divine blessings and remove all visible and hidden obstacles in my success.

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